Honest Thief


In this motion picture, Liam Neeson stars as a thief with advanced technical and explosives skills who breaks into multiple bank vaults in the Boston area during long weekends over several years and steals $9 million in cash. He places it in storage and never spends any of the money since he considers his actions as getting back at the system so to speak. His identity is unknown but he is called the “In-and-Out Bandit” since he is quick and stealthy. (Nothing to do with hamburgers.) After meeting a woman (Kate Walsh) later in life, he decides to turn himself in and return the money to the FBI and turn himself in for what he hopes the court gives him a light sentence. He notifies the FBI’s Boston Field Office, where the Special Agents who investigate bank robberies understandably are skeptical . Two Special Agents nonetheless look into his claims and are incredulous when he shows them part of the money. At that point the two Special Agents become greedy, turn into the bad guys, and plan to steal all of the cash. Their plans go very wrong. Reputable FBI Special Agents from the FBI’s Boston Office learn what is happening and resolve matters.

This motion picture has an uncomplicated plot line but nonetheless is well acted, locations are well chosen, and sets and cinematography are well done.


Mark Williams

Release Year


Production Studio

Argonaut Entertainment Partners


1h 39min

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