Wind River

Crime | Drama | Suspense | Fiction

This motion picture had a limited release in 2017 but is well regarded. It portrays how an FBI Special Agent can work with other law enforcement agencies on resolving a crime in a remote location of the Western United States, and thus differs from most television shows and movies about the FBI that take often place in urban or suburban locations.

During a snowy winter on the huge Wind River Indian Reservation near Lander, Wyoming that is shared by the Native American Indian Northern Arapaho and Shoshone Tribes, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Officer (Jeremy Renner) discovers the frozen body of an 18-year-old woman from the Northern Arapaho Tribe. The condition of the body in a snow-covered field indicates a possible homicide, which requires the FBI to be contacted. Weather conditions are brutal and the closest FBI Special Agent who can reach the crime scene is a young female Special Agent (Elizabeth Olsen) who is in the region on a training exercise. The two join forces with the Tribal Police Chief to investigate just what took place.

This motion picture was filmed in Wyoming and in Utah.

A sequel, Wind River: The Next Chapter, has been filmed but has not yet been released. It is not expected to contain performances by Renner or Olsen.


Taylor Sheridan

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Acacia Filmed Entertainment
Savvy Media Holdings
The Fyzz Facility


1h 47min

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