Giovanni’s Ring: My Life Inside the Real Sopranos

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Giovanni Rocco grew up in tough neighborhoods in Jersey City, New Jersey. He grew up to become a police office in Jersey City, went into undercover work, became part of a task force that included FBI Special Agents, and eventually was able to become closely associated with and infiltrate the DeCavalcante organized crime family based in northern New Jersey. His work was part of the work by law enforcement agencies to arrest numerous members of the DeCavalcante family and limit its effectiveness. Although the book does not contain photographs, maps, or charts, it presents a good read into Rocco’s life and the difficulties of being a law enforcement officer. As well, it describes the sacrifice he and his family have made by having to be given new identities and relocated due to his undercover work. The DeCavalcante family has operated in northern New Jersey for many decades and has been called the model for The Sopranos television series (1999-2007).


Giovanni Rocco and Douglas Schofield

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